How to Find the Perfect Set of Nursing Scrubs

How to Find the Perfect Set of Nursing Scrubs
If you are in the market for a new set of nursing scrubs, you will find different scrub manufacturers begging you to sport their hospital uniforms. Many people do not consider that doctors, nurses, and other medical personnel wear scrubs in same manner that some of us wear jeans or suits and ties to work. What we wear, as we all know, can boost self-esteem, create smiles, and keep us comfortable, all the while maintaining our professionalism. With all the choices for nursing scrubs out there, how does someone go about making an important decision such as; which scrubs to wear every day for 12 hours each day? Keep reading, and we will give you some helpful hints on how to find the perfect set of medical scrubs.

The first step in finding your perfect set of hospital scrubs is to know what you want. Is there a particular color that you like to wear in your department? Do you need solids or pediatric prints? Do you prefer pocket of the scrub top to be down by your hips or up top? Do you like cargo scrub pants or traditional? Drawstring waist or elastic? As you can see, it can be very overwhelming. Take few moments to narrow it down.

While thinking about colors and styles, the next step is to think about what you are willing to spend. Although scrubs are simple, usually a poly-cotton blend, and not very fashionable, you may consider raising the bar. Take a look at blue sky scrubs. They have taken medical scrubs up a notch, making the scrub pants boot-cut, low-rise, with fancy stitching, and the best material available. The scrub tops are A-line and tapered to slim the waist where other scrubs fail. The Blue sky scrubs are not discount or cheap, and it worth the few extra dollars. You would spend $50-$100 on a pair of jeans..., so why not spend $60 on a set of scrubs that will make you feel great about yourself while you are at work? Do you really think about dreaded 'one size fits most' scrubs make you look and feel your absolute best? And isn't it important to feel your best when caring for your patients?

We have now pinned down color, style, and possibly manufacturer. While we are on the topic of manufacturing, it might be a good idea to find out where your scrubs are coming. Because the economy has slumped (and even when it hasn't), you may want to consider buying only products made in the USA. You are not only getting the best quality nursing scrubs available, but you are also, in a sense, helping out a fellow American. The people behind the scenes of American-based companies hope you will love their scrubs.

We are now ready to shop for medical scrubs online! Here is where it gets tricky. There are so many companies reaching out for you, Keeping in mind the three importants things: color and style, spending budget, where the scrubs came from. Do a search for medical scrubs, nursing scrubs, or scrubs. Visit a few sites, check pictures, peek at the prices, and read the "About Us" pages. Keep your eye out for a scrub company that you believe will take care of you as an individual, be of the best quality and design, offer fast and inexpensive shipping, and guarantee their products. One more time, I highlight blue sky scrubs as an example. Their products are top-of-the line when it comes to quality. But how is their customer service? Blue sky scrubs will bend over backwards to ensure customer satisfaction. Because they are a local scrub business (in the United States), I feel more comfortable knowing I can show up at their warehouse if I am unsatisfied. However, I have never had that problem. Anytime I have contacted blue sky scrubs, I get a quick and knowledgeable response from a real-person. These are things that are very important when choosing your scrub designer.

Best of luck to you when searching for those perfect, fashionable scrubs! Oh, and don't forget to purchase your medical scrub hats, medical coats, and medical accessories while you are at it!