Surgical Scrubs VS Medical Scrubs - Are They Different?

"Surgical Scrubs vs Medical Scrubs: Are They Different? Although both terms, "surgical scrubs" and "medical scrubs," may be used simultaneously to describe the same type of uniform worn by healthcare practitioners, there is a difference. I have spent the past three decades wearing surgical scrubs as a surgical assistant, as well as observing other healthcare personnel wearing medical scrubs. I now provide both surgical scrubs and medical scrubs as a retailer and have begun to notice the differences. The differences are primarily in terms of functionality, design, and style. I will attempt to describe these differences.

Firstly, in terms of functionality, surgical scrubs are designed for wear in the operating room or other surgical facility. In these environments, patients remain stationary, and caregivers must adapt to provide care. This requires unrestricted movements such as bending, twisting, stretching, and contorting the body. Surgical scrubs are designed to accommodate these movements with loose-fitting and unrestrictive clothing. On the other hand, caregivers who wear medical scrubs typically provide care to patients who can move to accommodate the caregiver's needs or are sitting at a desk doing administrative duties. These caregivers do not need to move as much, so they can wear more restrictive clothing such as medical scrubs.

In terms of design, surgical scrubs typically have a square cut top with a loose-fitting V-neck design and simple patch pockets. The bottoms are straight leg with a drawstring, elastic, or combination waist. Medical scrubs, on the other hand, are available in many designs. They are often designed with flares and curves to contour to the body. Tops come in various neckline designs, and pockets are usually flashy designs and shapes. Medical scrubs pants are designed with flare legs and curvature in the hip area, and they always come with an elastic waistband. This design limits the freedom of movement compared to surgical scrubs.

The biggest difference between surgical scrubs and medical scrubs is in their style. Surgical scrubs are unisex and always solid-colored, providing optimal performance without any restrictions from the uniform. Medical scrubs, on the other hand, are available in many colors, prints, and styles. They are also designed for both men and women separately, with styles that fit the body and have an appealing look. The style of medical scrubs compromises functionality for fashion appeal.

In conclusion, both terms are used interchangeably in everyday life, and there are also many other terms that describe these uniforms such as "hospital scrubs," "doctor scrubs," and "nursing scrubs," to name a few. Regardless of the term used, the important aspect of buying and wearing scrubs is to select the correct functionality, design, and style that meet the needs of the caregiver's duties."